MH Samorita Medical College

Bangladesh may be a densely populated country within the world with a population of about 160 million. Bangladesh features a unique health system ranging from the ministry of Health & Family Welfare(MOH&FW) within the capital to the health Assistants at the grass-root level. But thanks to a shortage of budget, the service coverage isn’t adequate and uniform throughout the country. Privatization of Health care services is extremely important for Bangladesh. With this sense MH Samorita Hospital & Medical College, Dhaka started its journey in 2010 with permission from the MOH&FW of the govt of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh & the schools of Dhaka. All praise is for Allah.

MH senorita Medical College and Dental Unit have taken steps to satisfy this gap and aspiration of the scholars within the prevailing situation. there’s also a 500 bedded teaching hospital attached to MH Samorita Medical College. This Hospital may be a well-equipped hospital delivering both general and specialized services including ICU, Cath Lab, CT Scan, CCU, NICU, HDU & Dialysis unit.

Our Challenge is to determine this Medical College and attached Hospital as a middle of excellence keeping its quality, cost, and satisfaction of all stakeholders and with great reference to our cultures and values. it’s already traversed 7 years by winning these challenges. Now the school has gained the arrogance to become capable to teach national and foreign students.

Students will get admission into the school to find out and practice for long five years and eventually begin as physicians, who will serve mankind with deep care and competence.

Mode of Payment:
Payment of admission fees, Development fees, Donation, and every one other charges (US$ 32,250.00).
During admission:
Description Amount (US $)
Total US$ : 45,000.00
In words: Forty-Five thousand US dollars only.

Note: If any student doesn’t perform their internship training during this institute (MCWH) she is going to get a refund of USD 2170. the entire amount then to be paid USD (45000-2170) = USD 42830.

Hostel accommodation fee per annum approximately: US$ 800.00

At the time of admission, all students will need to pay a minimum of 1 (01) year hostel seat rent beforehand , if they desire to measure during a hostel. Hostel accommodation fees are same as an area students for one year. All students will clear their hostel seat rent before appearing within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final professional MBBS examination. If they fail within the Final Professional MBBS Examination, they’re going to need to pay US$ 800.00 (Eight hundred US Dollars) for every attempt altogether subjects and US$ 267.00 for every subject. All students will clear their tuition & others fees goodbye they continue their regular courses. All students need to pay the

other charges which can be imposed by the concerned authority associated with the MBBS course, like RFST, study tour, autopsy visit, etc.

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